Treatments for Back and Spinal Pain

The Best Treatments for Back and Spinal Pain

Do you suffer from back or spinal pain? As you may know, there is no miracle cure for this type of pain. All you can do is treat your back and spine so that you don’t feel as much pain anymore. In addition, you must take better care of yourself and stop doing things that aggravate these areas, such as heavy lifting or sustaining a sedentary lifestyle. Instead, you need to move around more each day and exercise as often as possible. 

When you get older, your joints and bones become weaker due to deterioration. It is even worse when you’re sitting down all the time in front of the computer or behind a desk. If you’ve gotten to the point where you’re already in pain from these kinds of lifestyle decisions, then you’ll need to alleviate this pain before you can successfully exercise again.

For anyone suffering from back pain, you may have sciatic nerve damage. This is the body’s biggest nerve, and it starts from the back of your legs and goes all the way up to your lower back area. Heavy lifting is what usually damages this big nerve, resulting in severe lower back pain. To alleviate this pain, you need to undergo sciatica pain treatment.

If you know a chiropractor or massage therapist in London who specializes in sciatica pain treatment, then make an appointment with them immediately. Although they won’t be able to cure your sciatic nerve damage, they can give you temporary relief for its pain. Of course, you’ll be expected to perform light exercises and stretches every day to slowly bring this nerve to a normal state of health. If you need additional help with the pain, the doctor can always prescribe anti-inflammatory medication. But this only necessary if the pain is unbearable. 

As for general spinal pain issues along the vertebrae, you may need either an atlas realignment in London or a deep tissue massage in London. The atlas realignment might be helpful if your upper spine and cervical posture are affected. The “atlas” is the name of the upper spinal vertebra. It is responsible for supporting the skull and the weight it places on the spine. If sitting down all the time has misaligned your atlas, then a chiropractor must realign it. A massage therapist won’t be qualified to do this because it requires someone with medical knowledge. 

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