NCT Treatment

Treatment Rates : £65 per treatment or £230 for 4 treatments (saving £30)
Prices are per session unless otherwise stated

What it is

Neuromuscular Balance Body Balance

Neuromuscular Coordination Therapy (NCT) is a neuro-rehabilitation of muscle memory and is based on understanding how the neuromuscular system functions. NCT utilises manual Structural Integration concept as its foundation.

Using therapeutic devices makes NCT far more robust and allows getting clear results several times faster than by using manual Integration Therapy. We use therapeutic devices specifically aimed at restoring functional neuromuscular coordination.


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How it works

Muscle Memory Reset Synchronized Movement

Our aim is to help the nervous system recognize muscle imbalance and synchronize body movement by resetting muscle memory. This re-programming triggers the ability of the nervous system to efficiently recruit a muscle or a group of weak muscles to perform a specific task.

The nervous system controls everything in the body, including muscle tension and pain.

NCT is a highly effective treatment for the elimination of pain caused by muscular strain regardless of when the injury occurred.

The muscular strain can be caused by overuse, trauma, stress, viral infection etc.

The approach of NCT is very detailed and releases problem areas that are missed by general massage therapies. Neuromuscular Coordination Therapy’s approach is modern and logical.

Neuromuscular coordination therapy