Raynor Massage

Treatment Rates : £65 adults and £45 children up to 12 years old
Prices are per session unless otherwise stated

Raynor massage has only one aim – to find and remove tension.

Developed by Naturopath Brandon Raynor; his massage system has its origins in Ayurvedic massage, Chinese medicine, Reflexology, Shiatsu and yoga breathing exercises.

Following the Eastern medical theory that the physical body is a manifestation of a life force (chi or pana), emotions and other energies, and that each are related and complement each other. Stressors (physical and emotional) can lead to a blockage in the flow of pana or chi causing bones to shift which creates body tension.

Most tension forms along bands in the body that are made up of tendons, muscles and ligaments. Along these bands are energy systems similar to Meridians (Chinese medicine), Sen lines (Thai massage) or Nadis (Ayurvedic massage).

The Raynor deep tissue therapeutic massage technique utilizes knowledge and techniques from these systems to form an incredibly effective system to relieve the body of tension.

At Blue Pine Clinic we often combine deep tissue therapeutic massage techniques with other available treatments to create a unique therapy programme which is designed to benefit the needs of each person.

Just as no two bodies are identical neither are the therapy programmes at Blue Pine Clinic.