The Benefits of Sciatica Pain Treatment and an Atlas Realignment in London

There will come a point in your life when you’ll experience some form of back pain, neck pain, and/or discomfort somewhere along the spine. Most people experience this pain when they get older because their bones and joints deteriorate. And if they are living a sedentary lifestyle without much physical movement or exercise, then their condition will be even worse. In other cases, a person of any age may experience spinal issues if they’ve been in an accident and suffered damage to their vertebrae.

The two most common procedures for alleviating the symptoms of these conditions are sciatica pain treatment and atlas realignment. Sciatica is a type of back pain which relates to the sciatic nerve, which is one of the largest nerves in the body. It starts at the lower back region and ends at the back of the left and right legs. Any kind of heavy lifting or activity which damages the sciatic nerve will result in lower back pain. 

Once you experience this type of pain, you’ll need to undergo sciatica pain treatment. This will involve a special type of massage therapy in London where a chiropractor performs specific techniques which bring temporary relief to the sciatic nerve. You’ll also be told to practice a daily routine of stretching and light exercising to further work the nerve back to health. If the pain is too severe, the doctor will give you some anti-inflammatory medication or steroid cream to help claim it down. Eventually, the pain will become less severe as you continue your regular routine with the chiropractor each week.

As for the atlas realignment, this is directed more toward people who’re suffering from a misaligned atlas in their upper spine because of poor posture or too much sitting. The atlas is the top vertebra of the spine which provides support to the weight of the skull. After years of poor posture and sitting incorrectly, the atlas becomes misaligned and has more difficulty supporting the skull. That is why headaches and neck pains often occur in people who suffer from this condition. But with the help of an atlas realignment procedure, the atlas vertebra can be repositioned back to its normal location. 

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