Treatments for Back and Spinal Pain

The Benefits of a Massage Therapist in London

When we talk about massage therapy in London, we are not talking about some masseuse who earned a massage therapy certificate at a local trade school. A truly skilled massage therapist does a lot more than merely rubbing and pulling at your body. They’re experienced at deep tissue massage in London too. This is the type of massage which digs deeper into the core of your body to relax the nerves and to alleviate chronic muscle tension. It does this by targeting not only your muscle tissue, but also the joints, tendons, and bones as well. 

Another beneficial type of massage is an Atlas realignment in London. This might sound like some kind of surgical procedure or something. Actually, it is a neuromuscular massage which targets your neck’s suboccipital muscles. These are the muscles which support the cranial joints of your skull and vertebrae. People who have poor posture often suffer from a variety of other problems as a result. They may experience a stiff neck, headaches, back pains, migraines, knee pains, and hip pains. Little do they realize that all these symptoms can be alleviated by one simple Atlas realignment massage treatment.

Since these types of massages greatly concern the spine, they’re often performed by either a chiropractor. A massage therapist can still be a chiropractor too. They often call it a chiropractic massage, but it’s really the same thing. As long as the practitioner has gone to school to study the spinal cord and the proper ways to treat it, then you are in good hands. You can research their credentials online just to be sure. You never want to take a chance where spinal cord treatment is concerned. 

If you’re searching for “massage therapist near me” or “chiropractor near me” on the Google search engine, let’s save you the time and effort. There is a fabulous massage therapist in London called Blue Pine Clinic. They offer Atlas realignment in London, deep tissue massage in London, osteopath treatment, and sciatica pain treatment. Basically, people with any type of back pain, spinal bone, bone pain, or muscle issues will benefit immensely by going to this clinic. 

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