Atlas Treatment

Treatment Rates : £165 adults and £135 children up to 12 years old (Includes two sessions)
Prices are per session unless otherwise stated

What is Atlas Realignment?

The majority of sufferers of a misaligned Atlas don’t realise that their poor posture and common recurring ailments could be remedied with a simple and quick solution known as ‘Atlas realignment’.

The Atlas is the first cervical vertebrae (c1) of the spine. It’s name comes from the Atlas of Greek mythology as it supports the ‘globe’ of the head.

Along with the Axis which is the second cervical vertebrae (c2) the Atlas forms a joint which connects the skull and the spine.

The Atlas not only supports and cradles the skull controlling nodding and rotation but is also responsible for the body’s suspension and equilibrium.

A small displacement of the Atlas can result in lack of balance which can contribute to symptoms such as:-

  • Stiff neck
  • Back pain
  • headaches
  • migraine
  • scoliosis
  • Lumbago
  • Knee pain
  • Pain in the hips
  • Meniscus troubles
  • A change in body shape such as differences in leg length.

Atlas Realignment is a neuromuscular massage technique that focuses on the ‘suboccipital muscles’ of the neck which surround and steady the cranial joints – The base of the skull, Atlas (c1) and Axis (c2) vertebrae.

The massage technique returns the misaligned Atlas to its neutral position typically in two sessions over a 4 – 7 week period.

C1 – Atlas
Suboccipital muscles

The Atlas Behandeling Method

Atlas Behandeling uses vibrations and utilises the Swiss concept of ‘Atlasprofilax’ as its foundation. The Belgian naturopath Guido Loozen and physician Jan Devriendt studied the Atlasprofilax method and found its lasting effects to be limited.

To offer clear, positive results to people with serious, long-standing symptoms they devised the Atlas Behandeling method which is a far more robust and thorough approach than the traditional Atlasprofilax method.

Things to know:-

  • The basic treatment usually consists of two sessions over a 4 – 7 week period.
  • Results vary on a patient by patient basis but it is possible repeat treatment over a longer period is recommended.
  • This is a ‘no cracking’ method.

The benefits of using a vibrator over manual manipulation

The devices vibrations enable the deepest layers of muscle which cannot be reached manually to relax. This results in making the joint capsule (c0) base of the skull – (c1) Atlas the 1st vertebrae more flexible which allows the joints to slide back to the proper positions. This is ideally 90° between the horizontal Axis line and the vertical Axis of the cranial condyle.

The vibrations trigger the muscles in the Autonomous Nervous System which resets the reference value for muscle tension in the Central Nervous System (CNS). This CNS reset means the entire body is reset to this new value.

After Atlas Behandeling – The Repair Phase

Self-healing process

  • When the Atlas is correctly positioned the body can return to a more normal, relaxed and balanced state both physically and emotionally.
  • There is an improvement in the energy flow between the Chakras.
  • Correct body posture returns which increases the bodies overall elasticity and self-control.
  • A focus to stay healthy is created through an all over feeling of well-being.
  • Depending on the patients original condition there is a possibility of severe “catching up” which could possible lead to annoying temporary side effects.
  • The can be a ‘big clean up’. A deep processing of past physical and psychological issues coming to the surface.


  • As we know each person is different. After the Atlas correction the body’s reaction and recovery speed depends on the physical and psychological condition of the person. Some people’s health issues resolve quickly while others may require a longer recovery period as more repair reactions have to take place first before recovery can begin.
  • Over time the person’s overall condition will improve and their immunity strengthened.
  • Emotional stability and hormonal housekeeping have a better balance.
  • Many people who have had the treatment state it feels natural to adopt an upright posture, they deal with stress a lot better and are more focused on their life path. Overall, people feel more alert, open to others and have a general feeling of balance in their lives.
  • Regardless of this Atlas correction is not a miracle cure-all. It is more of a foundation on which to build. Atlas correction increases people’s capacity for self-healing and plants the seeds for people to make as much use of their potential as possible.
  • Other natural healing methods such as osteopathy and homeopathy are known to be more effective after Atlas correction.

Reactions after treatment

Sometimes negative reactions are experienced in the weeks and months after treatment. They are part of the self-healing process and can be compared to temporary deterioration that occur in homeopathic, osteopathic or other treatment which is intended to increase the power of self-healing.

The following are possible temporary negative reactions:-

  • Increased tiredness
  • Neck pains
  • Back and lumbar region pains due to the muscles adapting
  • Pain in tendons and ligaments
  • A recurrence of past illnesses that haven’t run their course can quickly come and go.

For these reasons you should pay attention to your body. Note the changes and take the necessary steps to support the self-healing process such as massages, stay active, eat and drink healthily, stay hydrated. Gentle body work such as Manual Lymphatic Drainage with methods like Vodder, Craniosacral therapy, Shiatsu etc. Also Bach flower therapies can also help to control these recovery reactions.