Blue Pine Clinic is run by certified therapist and owner Anne Zinck whose struggles and frustrations with her daughter Laura’s scoliosis led her to change and expand its services so others would not have to suffer as Laura did.

In Anne’s own words . . .

“ It all started years ago with my daughter’s scoliosis. I tried many different treatments in the UK and abroad hoping to stop the progression of the curves.

I met many people who were trying to do the same; many parents whose children just like mine were forced to have uncomfortable or even painful treatments and also adults who decided to look for treatment for themselves.

Most of those treatments were not only a waste of time and money but also “created” unnecessary suffering and stress. Emotionally, physically and financially with many people I met resorting to loans to pay for the treatment.

Looking back I feel very guilty that I forced Laura to have these treatments when she was begging me not to. Some exercises were pointless and some aggravated her condition.

Unfortunately, I found out about Theraflex and Atlas Treatment too late when Laura’s scoliosis was already severe.

Even though it was too late to fix her scoliosis with these treatments Blue Pine Clinic now provides I could see she looked straighter for a while and most importantly she was pain free.

Then I learned that like me; most people had never heard about the treatments so being certified therapist I decided to undertake professional training in both Theraflex and Atlas Treatment making them available in all Blue Pine Clinic locations in the UK and Europe.